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Incorrect Voltage readings on Phoenix Inverter 12/2500 leading to self-shutdown


I have an old Phoenix Inverter 12/2500, that has a very odd problem.

It reads the Battery Voltage wrong, and so it goes into Battery Protection Shutoff for no reason.

When connecting via VEConfig, the DC Voltage reading is drifting and jumping incomprehensible, but it is definitely not true.

It can take up to several hours for the Protection Shutoff to engage or sometimes it happens in minutes. The device comes back to operation after some time.

It is regardless if and how much load is connected.

It is also regardless if its hot or cold.

I tried to apply some light mechanical pressure on the circuit boards, too see if its a cold solder point or a hairline crack etc., but it does not affect the wrong readings.

I sent the device to Victron for repair, it did qualify for a send in, but there are no more spare parts available for this unit and so Victron was unable to repair. Maybe it would have saved me €100 for the transportation and check up fees, if Victron would have known this, before I sent the device to them. They offered, that i do not have to pay the fees, if they can keep the device. I was not very satisfied with the repair service, but thats not the point.

The Battery Protection Shutoff Feature could be easily replaced with a Battery Protect 200.

So is there any way to deactivate this internal Battery Protection Shutoff Feature completely?

or does somebody here know, where too look after on the circuit boards, to fix this?

It would break my heart to throw this device away...



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Not sure if you;re in the UK but a company called APS Electrical repair Inverter/chargers. Here's their site:



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Hi Markus. Unfortunately, as I'm sure you'll appreciate, this is rather difficult to diagnose remotely.

I'm the type of person who would have that unit under repair on my workbench, but that's just me.

I like that old Victron kit, I have a working example at home, built like a tank and ever reliable. It would really be a shame to bin your inverter, but I don't know what else to suggest.

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Hello Markus,

It is not possible to disable the low voltage shut down, the lowest value is 9,3V which is also the default value.
Besides that, a BP-220 will not be happy with the peak and inrush current of the inverter when disconnected and reconnected.

The wrong reading can be a fault in the connection PCB or the control PCB or both.
Bear in mind that your are dealing with a 15 year old unit and this behavior is the "beginning of the end"
Solving this problem will lead to another one, trust me we are working with Victron units since 1975.
So, it is a little tedious to tell but you better look for another (preferably new) unit.



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Thanks for the answers. :o(

I have bought a new 12/3000 unit as a replacement over a year ago.

But the old one went under my eyes again, when I was doing a cleanup in my garage these days...

The only useful thing to do, coming into my mind, is to provide it to the community for spare parts.

So if someone wants to have the unit and is willing to pay postal fees, I will send it for free.

Or pick it up in Graz, Austria.

Mail to: markus(at)

Best Regards,


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