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Can I use an MPPT with 12,8V Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries Smart ?

I want to setup a simple Solar PV Offgrid system with the use of Lithium Batteries. All the equipment to be used must be Victron, can I setup my Solar panels, through a Bluesolar charger, 12,8V Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries Smart and a phoenix Ve direct?

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Yes, you can use any of the BlueSolar or SmartSolar charge controllers to charge that battery.
You didn't say exactly which MPPT you plan to use, but some of the smaller ones have a load output. Don't connect the Phoenix inverter here, it must go directly onto the battery.

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The configuration is 3 solar paneles of 330W each. The MPPT is a Bluesolar MPPT 150/60. And the Phoenix Inverter is the Ve Direct 24/1200.

Do I need any BMV, BMS, Shunt or other monitoring accessories?

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Michael Riley answered ·

@macevedo (@WKirby)

Yes we went all 'blue' also. I recommend reading the 'smart battery' data sheet from Victron as this identifies some clear guidelines about BMS (i.e essential) to avoid any damage to the battery(s) or worse a fire. We have same solar into a 'smart solar MPPT' so that our VenusGX can control it as well as the MultiPlus.

We use the VE.Bus BMS via Victron BP220's for essential 'load' disconnect and something like this is essential battery bank protection (low voltage or high temp). The Multi and the MPPT must be able to be shut down or disconnected in the case of over-voltage. The MPPT is connected directly to the 'load' side of the Lynx Shunt 1000 so that it can monitor ALL the current in/out together with the MultiPlus. This sets you up for at least a reasonably accurate State of Charge (SoC).

I had an alternative where the MPPT was after the BP220's and this absolutely means no load for low cell voltage disconnect (per literal interpretation of Victron documentation) BUT it also means that you cannot rely on the solar to bring the batteries back after a BMS low voltage shutdown. In both cases some human intervention is required and the small load of the MPPT over night does not pose a greater risk against the advantages. ALL loads (other than intelligent MPPT, the MULTI and BMS) are on the Lynx Distributor (out side of the Lynx Shunt) and the batteries together with their individual fuses are on the Lynx Power In.

NOTHING in our system (sailing vessel) is connected directly to the batteries other than the Lynx Power In and its own 'smart' VE.bus umbilical (daisy chained per battery). You can use the Power In device for the distribution side if you want to do without the LED's; in which case refer to YouTube 'Journey with Jono (around episode 14 I think) where he converts one easily.

I use the VenusGX and WIFI to monitor the system but a Colour Control would be equal to the task and a BMV perhaps is a bit more convenient for just the 'simple' essentials than logging into the Venus each time.

Best of luck.

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Great read Michael. I am just trying to design my system and will have 2 Smart MPPT's as well as 2 Wind gen charge controllers and a multiplus charger. do you have a diagram of your set up to give me a start trying to get around all the different 'blue' items I will need.

Thank you in advance

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