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Replaced GX device in VRM, data not transfered to new installation, old installation still there

  1. 8D07C324-330A-45DF-91EA-8D92E03E8234.pngI’ve added my replacement GX device (Cerbo) to VRM, then had 2 installations.
  2. Went to the old installation (CGX) in VRM and selected the new installation to “Replace the GX device of the installation”
  3. Entered the name of the Old Installation to confirm.
  4. VRM greys out.
  5. Can scroll up and down but nothing else.
  6. After 5 minutes still unresponsive kill the VRM app.
  7. Rebooted Cerbo.
  8. Old data not transferred.
  9. Old Installation still showing in VRM.
  10. Go into VRM and old installation shows attached (formatting seems to have got messed up).

Is VRM borked?

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Mine did exactly the same thing yesterday. Tried twice, no dice.

Be nice to get my data merged. Even had to update the Cerbo GX by SD card as it wasn't logging to VRM. But everything on the new unit shows up fine in VRM, except merged data.

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