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Can not connect to smart dongle via Bluetooth using Samsung a8

I just purchased a new Samsung a8 and am unable to connect to my 75/15 mppt controller and Bluetooth smart dongle. The dongle is not visible in the Victon connect app device list and does not appear when searching for Bluetooth devices

I can still connect using my old Samsung S5 phone and using my partners Samsung a5. I have updated the mppt and phone to the latest firmware but this did not solve the problem. the Samsung a8 connects to all of my other bluetooth devices such as my laptop, bluetooth speaker and other phone.

Any help would be appreciated

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Can you connect to the BT dongle with any other device?

From the manual :

I cannot connect to the dongle

  • Make sure you are close enough to the dongle. In open space, a distance of up to approximately 20 meters should work.

  • Connection issues might be caused by an incorrect Bluetooth pairing. Try re-pairing by first removing the pairing from the phone: go to your phone's Settings, then click Bluetooth. Click the (i)-icon next to any “VE.Direct LE” device and click “Forget This Device”. Then, open the VictronConnect app again and pull down the Discovery screen to rediscover products. Set the dongle in pairing mode by clicking the button on the dongle, then click the Victron product in the app's Discovery screen. Confirm the pairing and you should now be connected to the dongle.

Thanks @buzzlightyear i have tried all of the trouble shooting from the manual with no success.

My Samsung a8 does not appear on the "available device"list on the phones Bluetooth nor is it viable in the " device list" on the app

Does the bluetooth dongle appear on any other devices you have?

Hi @buzzlightyear yes the bluetooth dongle appears on all other devices i have tried inc a laptop and a samsung a5.

the problem seems to be just with the a8

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dwmarine answered ·

I have the same model phone and have had the same issue.

If you backed up your last phone before transferring contacts and data, go into "Smartlock" and delete all the old Victron profiles. It appears that they are saved from the last phone and trying to connect in the background, preventing your current Victron app from working.

Also ensure all other phones with the Victron Connect app have Bluetooth disabled when you attempt with your A8. "The one phone at a time rule".

Hope this helps


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Thanks Darren, I gave this a go but no success. I also tried resetting the network settings on my phone and restating the dongle and my phone but the phone still does not see the smart dongle.

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friaras answered ·

Hello, this is just my 2 cents, I just got a Samsung A20 the J7 I had charging port broke after 7 years of excellent use. I downloaded the 5.20 version of the Victron Connect App and I could not connect to the MPPT 150/35 with dongle. I visited the link on the app screen and downloaded an earlier version of the App and it worked fine, I was getting ready to return the phone but changed my mind.

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