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Quattro Randomly Indicating Temperature Alarm - Internal Sensor Error?

The first time I started this Quattro 48/8000 it showed a temperature alarm and wouldn't start inverting. After a few minutes the alarm cleared spontaneously and I assumed that it was just a fluke. Now it is re-occurring randomly, usually when Quattro is in passthru mode and not at all hot. Another post mentioned that sometimes the cable to the temperature sensor could become detached in shipping. I have located those connectors and they are attached. Disconnecting them will produce the fault when everything is functioning. The fault seems to last anywhere from 20 seconds to hours. I cannot use the Quattro, even in passthru, during that time. It's part of a three phase system, no issues with the other phases. Not overloaded or really hot, running about 34C now but has gone up to 46C with no problems. Battery temperature sense is not connected. Fans are running at high speed on the affected inverter. Temperature light blinks on startup and then goes solid.

Can anyone give details about the internal temperature sensors on the Quattro? How to test? A new inverter is several weeks away if we have to go that route. The dealer is involved but hasn't seen this error before. Would prefer to be able to replace parts as I have a way to get small parts in the next week or so if I know what to order.

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Which quattro version?
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@JaniEronen, Quattro 48/8000/110-100/100. Would be nice to know what kind of sensor it uses.
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I had something similar with a single phase ESS. See this question posted;

At the end I set battery monitor in GX from automatic to the battery (in this case Pylontech) and I've had a couple of days without an alarm. We'll see what happens but it's not comfortable

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@ponzoa , thanks for sharing that. Looking at your question, it seems like you have a different issue going on with communication between GX and BMS. Unfortunately, my batteries don't have any way to communicate, but that rules out issues with the batteries. I'm almost certain that the issue is with the internal temp sensor in my unit, but can't seem to find any information about it.

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