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Multiplus Compact Alarm on cold mornings?

Hi all, I have been using a secondhand Multiplus Compact 1600VA 12V for 5 years, with errors every now and then. I take this to be a good run for a secondhand product, but it would be a pity to replace a good piece of gear unecessarily.

On cold mornings (<5degC) the unit wont start, and the Alarm LED light up with no pre warning code. When the day warms up, the unit will start, but makes a loud vibration noise!

Also, sometimes after running for 5 hours or so continuously with a moderate load, the unit will go into alarm mode. In these cases, the battery voltage is still good (e.g. yesterday at 13.4V). I can only think this is due to overheating? The load is never near max (1600VA).

My setup is a Victron Multiplus Compact 1600VA 12V. I only have two LiFePO4 90Ah 12V batteries wired in parallel. These are about 6 years old. I also have a Digital Multicontrol Panel but only use it as a remote control for the inverter. I have a Smart Solar 100/50 hooked up and running throughout the day.

My theories are:

1) the unit is no longer tolerant to extemes of temperatures.

2) I need to hook up the temperature sensor that I never installed?

3) My battery bank is of too small capacity for this size inverter?

4) There is some internal component that is failing

Any ideas? The charger circuit still works fine.

Any way to dignose the error? I think I have a USB connector somewhere...

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Bump, anyone had this problem?
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