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CCGX, EasySolar II and Pylontech

Hi all.

Salesmen have sold a job that I'm a little unsure about on paper. Have a 3kW EasySolar II with Pylontech setup (straightforward as have done many of these), alongside this though is a separate Colour Control GX device which will be situated in the living area of the home to allow for easier monitoring of the system.

Having a read through the manual I noticed it mentions difficulties setting up the CCGX if using VE Bus managed batteries. However with Pylontech being BMS Can, I'm just curious if it will be as simple as running a VE Bus and power cable from the EasySolar II out to the CCGX, standard VE Can to BMS Can on the battery and away we go as per usual? Or if there is anything else that might cause me some hiccups?

Cheers in advance.

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