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Display of net values not available in Cerbo GX

I have a setup out of:
- 3 MP II 5000 in 3 Phase config
- 8 Pylontech US3000C in ESS config
- DC Coupled PV with 2 Victron MPPTs
- AC Coupled PV with 10 Year old Kostal on the “AC IN” Side of the Multiplus
- Nothing connected on AC Output
- Cerbo GX Device
- Local Monitoring with Influx & Grafana
- EM24 Ethernet as Net Meter

Complete System works as expected. ESS, Feed excess energy, loading, regulating to 0 consumption… everything fine for Month now. But since the beginning, the GX does not show the net values from the net meter. Values in MQTT and the Monitoring are perfectly fine. I always wondered why? See pictures. Any idea why?

Expectation was that is displays the Net values (directly the values from the EM24) in the red box. The "Ac-Load" (Green box) of course is wrong values, because this system does not know what is load and what is from the AC Solar system.


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