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1 x Pylontech stack (16 pcs each 5k) and more than 3 Multiplus II possible?


Maybe someone can help me with a check for being possible:

- 25kW MMPT DC Solar Input, charging the batteries

- 3phase system of 3x Multiplus II 48/5000 using direct MPPT DC or battery power with Cerbo GX and Lynx Inputs

- Stack of 16x Pylontech 5000

This is surely possible.

ADDITIONAL for other appartments in the building:

for each appartment (up to 6x):

- 1phase Multitplus 48/3000 with own Cerbo GX using above MPPT DC power, no battery charging, own grid and powermeter

What I will take care of:

1. DC Current of the MPPTs is sufficient for the amount of appartment-Multiplus II

2. Each Multiplus for appartments will have a powermeter for NOT feeding to their own grid

3. The additional appartment-Multiplus will be reduced or disabled (Nodered, homeassistant, other) as soon as there is not enough power from MPTT to inhibit usage of the battery, which shall only support the 3phase-Multipluses

What I do not want:

- one central grid with subcounters (the usual way)

- separating the MPPT string to support appartment-Multipluses directly

- own batteries for the appartment Multipluses

- price and return-on-invest are not the topic here

- I do not want to use other products than Victron (Inverter, Cerbo, MPPT)

I do not see a technical limitation to such a solution, maybe someone can encourage me to go this way. For me the benefit would be the optimum usage of solar power and storage by leveling the power needs over a certain amount of appartments.

Thank you for great technical advise here .

Gerhard (after weeks of night diving into data sheets, youtube and manuals)

Multiplus-IIcerbo gxPylontech3 phase
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The approach is interesting but I cannot see the benefit of the multiplus in the individual apartments if they cannot charge the batteries. Once their batteries get to minimum SoC, then what?

Also, for an apartment building, is 48/5000 per phase enough power? Surely it is not. A lot of solar and batteries for such little ability to exploit that power available.

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Mainly I want to have the power for my own appartment, general house lights and housewide AC, and my Car. This will be adjacent for the 3x MP-II 5000.

The rest without own batteries - instead of feeding into grid - shall benefit from MPPT sun production if available. I am not sure if I will change to MP-II 5000 for the appartments, could be. They shall be deactivated as soon as the MPPT power feed is not enough, to NOT consume my battery. But the appartment-MPs have each their own grid connection which I will not supply centrally, I only want to feed in summer the additional sun to them.

And now to my question: Do you think the DC connection is possible that way?

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