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VRM gone crazy

What has happened to VRM dashboard.

It used to be a nice intuitive display and now it is garbage!

Here is the list of issues -

1. displayed time is incorrect - it displays as 02:09 when it is actually 12:09

2. it is never displaying anything in real time anymore

3. there are 4 'boxes of display that have no rationale ...why?

4. My 2 Victron solar controllers used to display separate volts, amps and watts - now just a crude lump xx W

5. The Quattro used to display the output volts, watts etc - now just a crude xx W

6. There is a temp gauge icon next to the work "battery" as if this is an important feature - who cares?...and it displays all sort of temp data...why?

7. Then there is a box headed "charging" with a battery icon next to it - this is crazy illogical stuff. And all it shows is xx% which I assume is State of Charge and nothing to do with charging!

Why has this happened?

I used to boast to my colleagues how the Victron VRM display was so intuitive and factual in real time display of my system.

Now it is am illogical disgrace!...why??????

Please can we get it back out of this chaos!!!!

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Please be nicer.

Sometimes this can happen due to changes in the background of the VRM portal and it gets back to normal automatically after a while.

Please give us some more information about your system and maybe some screenshots.

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