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Clarity on Battery Protect 12/24 100A used with inverter

Could anyone please assist with the following:

My goal is for the BP unit to control the on / off switch of my inverter remotely, hence by under voltage remote 'off' and once the voltage has been restored, the [inverter] remote is switched to 'on'.

Point #4 of the BP's instructions advise against disconnecting higher power DC so the 'OUT' terminal is not used.

If I have understood correctly, I will need to use a relay in a 'normally closed' position thereby allowing the [inverter] remote to be active and the inverter will be 'on'.

Consequently, in the event of under voltage, given I have selected programme 'b', the BP will trigger the relay to 'open' thereby triggering the [inverter] remote and inverter itself to 'off'.

Where the instructions leave me somewhat unsure is by under voltage restart: will the voltage restoration trigger the relay to the 'normally closed position' thereby activating the remote and switching the inverter to 'on'?

Most grateful for any ideas or suggestions.
Best regards

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Which type of inverter and how does the remote port look like?
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bazil avatar image bazil Stefanie (Victron Energy Staff) ♦♦ commented ·

Hello Stefanie,

thanks for your interest; it's a 1000 W OEM inverter. The remote port is an RJ-45 ethernet-type socket. Currently a wireless remote relay module is connected allowing a manual on/off by means of a key fob type remote.

In order to experiment, I took a standard ethernet cable (8 wires), bared the wired on one end and through trial and error, found the two wires responsible for on/off.

Looking at Gerado's suggestion (below), I should be able to connect these to the BMV-712 relay and have it turn the inverter off on under voltage and eventually on again once the voltage is replenished.

Best regards

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Gerardo answered ·

Hi Bazil,

For that application, I would recommend you to use the Victron BMV-712 instead. It is a shunt with display and relay.

Being a shunt, it is more reliable for monitoring voltage and SOC of your battery after you program it properly. Moreover, the BMV-712 has a built-in relay NC/NO that can be configured to switch when the voltage or SOC of the battery drops below a certain value; and can be configured to switch back again when reaches another value.

Then, you can easily run cables from the relay to the remote on/off of your inverter.

Hope this helps.


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bazil answered ·

A sterling suggestion, thank you so much Gerado!

I've been reading up on the model you mentioned and it appears to be the ideal solution; I wish the dealer had had your insight! I'm going to undertake your suggestion.

Best regards

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