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Multiplus does not turn on after VE configuration

Multi 24/5000 went off during running quick VEconfigure and does not appear in VE-bus anymore.

Three units in three phase configuration. Neutrals attached. No load or AC-IN connected. Battery negatives connected first and last rj45. Fuses, contacts, cables swapped and still that one unit is blank. Other two are working normally.

Reset by keeping fuse out 10mins without luck.

Any other ways to reset multi?

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargerfirmware updatemultiplus ve.busVE.BusMK3
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Little more information about the issue:

-Issue is when turning switch on Multi does not do anything. No sound, nothing, no led lights
-When connecting all three multi´s to same VE-bus other ones not reacting to faulty one. So can't even see there is other unit in bus.

-Multiplusses have been working two years without issue in three phase and as single units
-The unit with fault/ not turning on at all was programmed as single unit and I was about to change it back to three phase configuration when it stopped responding.
-Battery bank is 600Ah 25,6V LFP non supported brand with internal BMS
-Lynx distributors and Lynx Shunt between batteries and Multiplus
-Cables 95mm2 0,9m long and 400A Mega fuses on inverters
-RJ45 cables are Cat6 non shielded factory made and I have plenty of these so swapped that these are not issues.
-All neutrals are connected in AC IN and AC out cables. Breakers IN and OUT are open and have not been connected when fault begin or after that.

-All Multi´s are version 485. Tried to update with VE Flash to v497 but not possible as cannot connect to multi
-MK3 is updated to lates version
-Cerbo is in latest version but not attached as cannot get Multi configured
-Have tested also driving multi with lab power supply but does not make any difference

When connecting laptop with MK3 USB to faulty multiplus and Quick VE Configure ask to turn multiplus on I see that it founds something but goes after that in notification that "Cannot find Multi! Please retry".

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Tested with lab power that multi takes 100mA from 27,6VDC supply when switch turned on.

Consumption increase by 10mA when using force detection in the VictronConnect application.

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Sent to local dealer as warranty because no connection managed to establish with the unit.
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Hi @JaniEronen , sorry to hear that. I also have no other advice then to have it checked / repaired by the dealer.

I’m sure they’ll sort it asap.

All the best, Matthijs

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