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Multiplus 48/500 still charging when CCL from BMS is zero

Hi, I'm testing a BMS. The BMS comunicate correctly with the CerboGX I installed, I checked all the datas that the CerboGX reads from BMS and they are fine, included the CVL,CCL,DCL parameters. I put the "Keep Battery Charged" mode in the ESS and it works fine, the current profile follow the dynamic CCL. At the end of charge the CCL variate between 0A and 0,7A while the battery is performing balancing and the charge current follow that CCL limit well. Then there is a moment that CCL go to 0,6A (more less) and the current charge go to the same value and than "detatch" itself from CCL value charging the battery with that current constantly. The CCL go to zero but the Multi continues to charge with 0,6A (more less), and the battery go in overvoltage and disconnect itself for protection. Any thougth in what's happening and what's the possible error? Thank you

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