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Victron Sailboat Setup - (simple) Configurations and (dumb) Doubts

I have the following setup in tests before installing it on a sailboat with some more Victron equipment:

  • Cerbo GX
  • Lynx Shunt VE.Can
  • Lynx Distributor
  • BlueSolar MPPT 150/60-Tr
  • MultiPlus-II 12/3000/120-32 230V
  • Battery Pack LiFePo4 12V 230Ah, with BMS 150A max. discharge, 75A max. charge

We have the system working but with some important configurations to be done and for which I would like your help:

  1. Is it possible to change the BlueSolar MPPT settings, namely absorption and float voltage? If it would be needed an extra cable I can buy it. I ask this because in the case of the MultiPlus-II I was able to change the “Charge” settings.
  2. Is it important, or does it make sense at least, that the charging settings should be exactly the same on the BlueSolar MPPT and the MultiPlus-II?
  3. Since my BMS limits 75A of maximum charging current, the MultiPlus-II can never run at its maximum current (120A). The BMS just cuts the load, it doesn't "limit" to 75A. How can I limit this current on Victron side, optimizing the system so that the BlueSolar MPPT and MultiPlus-II cannot exceed 75A charging? My doubt is the following: I have times when the BlueSolar MPPT is charging at 10A, others at 20A, others at zero. Do I have to limit the MultiPlus-II to a fixed current or can this be dynamic as there is communication between all modules via a GX device?
  4. In the Remote Consule of Cerbo GX, the AC-Out L2 does not appear. Is it possible to activate it to show somewhere?
  5. When observing the AC-Out L1 (current and power), I noticed that when I don't have AC-In L1 input, my load is consuming 100W (coherent with the equipment it has). When I turn on the AC-In L1, the inverter also starts charging the batteries and the AC-Out L1 monitor starts to display approximately 200W, without the load varying. It should keep the 100W. Do I have a malfunction in the MultiPlus-II?
Multiplus-IILithium BatteryBMSBlueSolar PWM
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2 Answers
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Hi @jose.santos

#1 No extra cable. Use VictronConnect, see it's manual. I use a Win lappy over ethernet/wifi to the GX. It calls home, so needs the web up.

#2 They don't have to be the same, and there are good reasons why you may not want them the same. Eg with shore power you could set the Mulit to a flat low Float V and let the mppt run it's daily full cycle. Or with a genset could set the Mult's Absorb V to a touch below the mppt's. That will give the solar priority and the Multi will back off at Abs V.

#3 See the DVCC section in the Cerbo manual. You need to understand how it deals with this, but DVCC is great anyway.

#4 I think you mean ACOut 2 (L2 usually means another phase). No, Out1 and 2 are treated together. If you desperately needed this you'd need a separate meter.

#5 This can drive you crazy if you let it, especially with small loads. Sometimes power factor has a big say (look at Amps too, not just W), sample times differing, whether you use the 'Has DC' function. Even maker tolerances, it's a best-effort thing, not a certified meter. Internal losses get mixed in there too.

Lotta questions, so brief answers. Grab the necessary manuals from the website. But come back as you need.

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Thank you very much JohnC.

Excellent answers, I am clarified and it helped a lot.

Best regards,

José Santos

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