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SmartSolar 100/20 Load stuck on

I connected two small 300W inverters to the load output of my SmartSolar 100/20. These draw about 16A (8A each), and are working ok.

What is not working at all is the load output control. It is stuck on. I can’t turn it off by any means.

I unplugged the jumper - this allowed the state on the app to toggle between on/off, but the whole time there was output on the load terminals.

I tried setting Rx pin to remote on/off - no difference

Streetlights are turned off.

I’ve tried toggling between the other load output schemes, various restarts, etc.

The current/power measurement is also wrong - flickers between 0 and a small value like 4W, when in fact 600W are being drawn.

This post is remarkably similar:

So I’m wondering if these inverters could have fried the MOSFET that switches the load?

Quite disappointing if so - brand new charger fried. Seems like a protection diode would have kept the circuitry safe.

Is there anything else I could try before I return it to Amazon?


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It would probably be best read the manual before wiring stuff up.

"Some loads (especially inverters) have a higher current rating or start-up current rating. The current is higher than the load output can support. These loads should be connected directly to the battery. It is possible to control these loads by the solar charger so that a deep battery discharge is prevented. This can be done by connecting the load remote on/off terminals to the solar charger load output. Depending on the type of load, a special interface cable might be needed like an Inverting remote on/off cable"

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