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Phoenix Sine Wave Inverter 12/3000 120 Volts thinks it is a multiplus! (bump?)

I have a Victron Energy PIN123020100 Phoenix Sine Wave Inverter 12/3000 120 Volts installed.When I view it using Victron Connect it thinks it is a MultiPlus 12/3000/120-50 120V!

It even shows "L1 AC Input disconnected"

I looked at the firmware installed and it is v494.

Is the wrong firmware installed?

What is the correct firmware?

Config file is attached with a .txt suffix: PhoenixInverter3K.vcsf.txtimg-1799.jpgphoenixvictronconnect01.pngphoenixvictronconnect02.pngphoenixvictronconnect03.pngphoenixvictronconnect04.png

Phoenix InverterVictronConnect
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Hi @rspott

That number on the microprocessor is the same one you'd find in an equivalent sized Multiplus. The '430' is the firmware it was originally loaded with, and 494 is the latest in that series. So you're ok there.

That VictronConnect still recognizes it as a Multi is probably a bug in VC. The developers may well be aware of it, just hasn't made it yet to the top of the 'to do' list with all of the developments happening.

I hope you can live with it.. :)

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Unfortunately it may be impacting in other ways. When I connect the Phoenix to my Cerbo via an MK3-USB it shows as a charge or input source and removes my directly connected VE.BUS from the Cerbo. :(

Do you know if I can roll back the firmware to a previous or factory version?

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ rspott commented ·

There's a couple of older 4xx firmwares easily accessible in Victron Professional if you want to pursue this. But I don't think it will help.

I'm a little staggered by what you've described doing with the MK3. Why?

And with a Cerbo, there's not much to be gained using VConnect for the Phoenix anyway.

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rspott avatar image rspott JohnC ♦ commented ·
I have a 230V 5K Quattro already on the VE.Bus.

The 120V 3K inverter cannot go on the same bus as frequency and voltage are different and coordinated via that bus.

Page 9 of the Cerbo manual instructs that this is one of the ways of doing this outside of purchasing a second cerbo.

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