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Easy method to manage storage charge for lithium ion battery

Hello all,

Seen a few posts but not any answers around this area. I have a 7.5kWh lithium ion LMO battery being charged by my Multiplus 48/2000 in a boat. I currently have the Multiplus configured with a battery 'storage' profile that floats the batteries at about 40% SoC voltage. I have another 'active' profile in VEconfigure3 that I can upload that charges the batteries to 90% SoC. Is there some way I can control this via my Cerbo's GX Touch? It doesn't look like I can choose battery profiles in VictronConnect via VE.bus dongle (which I do not yet have). Is this something an 'assistant' might help with? It's really just adjusting the absorption and float voltages. Perhaps even a physical switch on Cerbo's DI channel? I don't want to rely on Internet connectivity to do this via VRM and VEconfigure3 on a laptop.

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