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How to store Victron Lithium Batteries

I have three 200ah batteries that have never been used. I have been storing them in a climate controlled storage. Should I be charging them periodically or are they okay to continue without any additional upkeep? What could I charge them with if that is needed? Thank you!

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Multiplus going into Storage mode instead of Bulk

Hi there.

I have an annoying issues with my Multiplus.

On my boat, I have solar and shore power (230v) available to charge the batteries. Sometimes when the solar has been charging the batteries in bulk, the batteries are around 13.1-13.6v. The multiplus is turned off when the solar is charging. Then when I turn on shore power and the multiplus, instead of continuing to charge in bulk, the Mutiplus goes into storage mode.

The only way to get the multiplus into bulk is to force a system reset. Is there anyway I can fix this?


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Stolen victron equipment

I’ve recently had a self built camper van stolen with all victron equipment installed is it possible this equipment can somehow be tracked

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Tesla 48V with Multiplus II GX


I am tryting to find some info on our setup. We are building a system that includes 3 x 2 Tesla batteries. The system is set up for 48V with individual BMS for each 12 cells.

I have the victron Multiplus II GX for charging and discharging the system. I am reading through the ESS guide but would be nice to know if anybody else has tried this setup before and could advise on this.


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Cerbo GX Storage Full?

Hi everyone,

I have a Cerbo GX installed in a remote system which includes a Multiplus, a few solar chargers and smart Lithium batteries. I have Venus OS Large installed and use Node-Red for some automation.

In general it has worked well and has accomplished what I need. But recently I have noticed some strange behaviours with the Cerbo not doing or reporting what is expected in certain situations.

In Node-Red, now when I go to make a change and redeploy, I get an 'out of space' error like so:

Error: ENOSPC: no space left on device, copyfile '/data/home/root/.node-red/flows_einstein.json' -> '/data/home/root/.node-red/.flows_einstein.json.backup'

I can't find any way to actually check and confirm the storage space situation and don't have physical access to the device for a little longer.

Has anyone had storage space issues with the Cerbo before? Why would it have filled up? Log files? And how can I review this?

Any insights appreciated - thanks!

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Easy method to manage storage charge for lithium ion battery

Hello all,

Seen a few posts but not any answers around this area. I have a 7.5kWh lithium ion LMO battery being charged by my Multiplus 48/2000 in a boat. I currently have the Multiplus configured with a battery 'storage' profile that floats the batteries at about 40% SoC voltage. I have another 'active' profile in VEconfigure3 that I can upload that charges the batteries to 90% SoC. Is there some way I can control this via my Cerbo's GX Touch? It doesn't look like I can choose battery profiles in VictronConnect via VE.bus dongle (which I do not yet have). Is this something an 'assistant' might help with? It's really just adjusting the absorption and float voltages. Perhaps even a physical switch on Cerbo's DI channel? I don't want to rely on Internet connectivity to do this via VRM and VEconfigure3 on a laptop.

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SmartShunt new user questions

New 500A SmartShunt installation in an RV with 2 12V batteries connected in parallel. The batteries are from 2015 but still working just fine. Full charge is 12.7-12.8. I have a knife type disconnect to take the batteries completely offline for storage as there are some small draws (parasitic) that circumvent the RV's "on/off" switch. So I turn that off and pull the knife switch which turns off all loads to the battery set. I installed the SmartShunt between the system negative loads and the knife switch attached to one negative terminal. Questions:

1. When I installed the SmartShunt, as soon as I attached the + wire to the battery the shunt went active even before I closed the knife switch. This means the circuit is finding ground somewhere else. There is a whole circuit through the battery isolation monitor (BIM) that reach the chassis (starter) battery to control charging from the generator and also from the chassis alternator. Also there are some 12V items that will run even with the knife switch open, for example the power step and the rear stabilizer jacks. So I assume this is OK that it started up immediately, but wanted to confirm that. (It was not measuring current to/from the battery bank because was not attached to them yet, but it was running with the blue light blinking ready to connect, and it did connect.)

2. For RV storage, I don't want the SmartShunt to stay in standby mode even thought it's a small draw. It is stored outside in deep cold (can be 0 to -20F). Should I disconnect the + line fuse to the shunt? Or just not worry about it at all?

3. For charge level, the manual recommends 13.2 which is my charge float level. But manual also says to set 0.2-0.3 below the float level. If I set it at 13.0, when would the charge level ever be reached since the charger will keep the level at 13.2? I'm inclined to go with 13.2 and ignore the advice to set below the float level??

4. The batteries are unlabeled and unbranded in any way but have a sticker "D27DG-160." The closest I can find anything on is D27DC-160. This shows a reserve capacity of 160 mins. @ 25A which is 66.66 aH. I would have thought the capacity to be higher but does that seem like a good number? If I double that for the two batteries I get 132 but would probably use a lower number given the batteries' age. Thoughts?

5. Every time I connect with the Smart Connect app, the Trends graph starts from scratch. It retains no history, so it's not possible to see "trends." The History tab retains its data but no matter how far I zoom out the graph, it shows only the last few seconds or minutes that the app is connected. As soon as I switch to another app, the history is lost. The manual states in the Trends section, "Providing that the firmware battery monitor is up to date, the battery monitor will store up to 45 days of past data." How can I capture and view the full history?

Thank you!

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Storage mode has current at 3.0amp

Hi my victron blue charger ip65 12/7a in storage mode is showing current of 3amp at 13.20v no other car or victron blue charger is showing any current in storage mode

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Stuck in storage mode multiplus ll gx 24/3000

Hi all. Last night @3am my Multiplus went a bit weird in so far as it dropped out of waiting to charge after a daytime discharge and went into storage mode with a 90% SOC left. The sun is now beaming on panels but not charging batteries nor suppling grid as per ess.

whats may be going on

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Why is Storage mode higher volts than absorbtion?


My batteries are currently full and in storage mode, but one is the multi plus putting almost 14.9v into my batteries when absorption is set to 14.4v

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Layout of a PV Storage System


I am planning a storage system (3 phase with Multiplus II 5000VA) for my existing two (10 kW and 17.5 kW - borth Fronius Symo) PV systems. The pv systems are located on a freestanding garage (ca. 40 m away). The meter box is in the house. Near the meter box is no space for the storage system. The storage system can be placed in an annex.

Layout 1:

The easiest implementation is given by following layout.


But, I think, it is not possible with the Multiplus II. Is this right? K4 is used to guarantee the 1:1 rule.

Layout 2:

In this system layout, the Multiplus is either in the parallel or in series. The switching is done by the relays port of the Multiplus in connection with the contractor K11 and K3. The 1:1 rule is guaranteed by K4.


The advantage is that at failure of the Multiplus the supply of the house is still guaranteed. Further, line losses is minimized. What is your opinion about it?


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Winter Storage Leave Victron Centaur Plugged in or Not?

Have a 3 stage 10 year old Victron Centaur charger on 8 deep cycle marine batteries left on the boat in the winter. Hard to find anything definitive about recommendation on leaving charger connected continuously through the winter or disconnecting. Winters are cold in the Mid-Atlantic, but not brutal. Thanks.

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Long term power off - settings saved?

Hi, my motorhome is going into storage for a few months - (no solar, no shore power). I have Victron LiFePo4 batteries on board with a Multiplus, VE.Bus BMS, Cerbo GX, smartshunt, Lynx Power In, Orion.

I had planned on the following

0. Turning the multi off at the DMC panel

1. flipping the breakers (off) for the charge input (solar and orion), and load output.

2. Pulling the main fuses from the Lynx so that the batteries are isolated from all load/charge

Anything else I've forgotten?

Will my settings on my MultiPlus and Cerbo GX be saved if they are without power for several months?


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How to store a Van through the winter?

Hey there,

I'm curious how to store a van with a Victron system through the winter. The solar panels will be exposed to sun the whole time, and there is a heating pad keeping the batteries sufficiently warm.

The system uses x3 200ah Victron Smart Lithium Batteries for 600ah. There is a Multiplus 3000VA, with x4 90watt solar panels on the roof.

The van will sit for several months, unused, but I want to keep the batteries topped off and the run the heating pad all the time (it has a thermostat function to shut off if above 68*F).

What is the proper way to store this and keep the batteries healthy? Should I pull all the fuses for everything but the heating pad and keep the solar running, with the Inverter in Charge Only mode?

Thanks for your help. Let me know if anything else is pertinent.


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micro SD card not detected on Venus GX

I have this strange issue since always... I have a VenusGX for some years now, and I never got it to detect any SD card. Never really needed it, but now I'm curious. What could be the problem?

Today I ejected and replaced by another card, 2 GB size, FAT32. Same result, no "storage found".

What is really strange is that the original SD card, 1 GB, FAT 32 when put on PC shows this:


It has files, one is from yesterday!

What is going on here? Why VEnus can't detect it but does write in to it?

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