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Quattro 48/5000 Overload Issue - firmware 431


I have a Quattro 48/5000 running firmware 431. Off-grid, Venus GX , 3 X Smart Solar Lead Acid Batteries.

On three occasions the unit has shutdown with an overload error - in each case I am sure that there was no overload. The incidents have been about 2 weeks apart.

The second time that this happened, BOTH the temperature AND overload LED were lit.

The most recent incident (today) just the overload LED was on. This time I spent more time trying to diagnose the issue. I tried to reset the inverter using the remote console - using the "Switch" option (ie on the remote console turning the switch to off then back on) - doing this caused the overload LED to go out while the virtual switch was off - but the fault remained when it was turned back to the on position. Physically turning the switch on the inverter to OFF, then back to ON did clear the fault and the inverter restarted.

The inverter is about 4 years old. It may be just a coincidence, but the issue has only started since I installed the Venus GX and updated the inverter firmware to 431 about a month ago.

I am really concerned about this as we are often away from home for weeks at a time, and while I do get notified of errors, if I can't restart the inverter remotely, we could be in real trouble with freezers etc.

Any ideas what might be causing this issue?

Is there anything I can do to help diagnose the fault?

Is there any other way to remotely reset the error?

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i had a overload error on my 5kva yesterday, also going through the loggs and i cannot see why. i just lost coms with my client again and i dread that its happened again. It overloads and then i get error 17 as its 2 x 5kva in parralel.

What version of firmware on the Quattro?

Did you add assistants in the Quattro's when you added the Venus device?

And can you specify the battery? (3 X Smart Solar Lead Acid Batteries)

Do you need the system to be on to access it? where is the Venus powered from?

No assistants added.

The battery bank is 32kwh of lead acid

The Venus is powered directly from the battery bank, all network gear is powered either from a second (24v) battery bank or via a UPS.

I could still talk to the Venus when the Quattro was in Overload shutdown and the change in LED on the Quattro told me that it was responding to my attempts to reset it.

So this mysterious overload issue just re-occurred.

This time I managed to gather a lot more data on the issue. I was logging traffic from the Venus MQTT broker and this showed some very strange events leading up to the Inverter Overload error.

Would anyone from Victron be willing to have a look at the log file and provide some guidance?

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Just a follow up on this issue. @Paul B very kindly took a close look at the setup and configuration of this system. He could not find any issues with the configuration (but did provide some useful advise on some settings unrelated to the overload problem).

I'm now left with just a few possibilities:

  1. The inverter has a fault - doesn’t seem very likely given the infrequency of the issue (about once every two weeks).
  2. There is a software issue – if this was the case, I would expect a lot more noise on the Victron community forum. Although, the fact that this only started when I changed the firmware to v4xxx supports this theory. I see nothing in the changelog to suggest that the latest firmware corrects an issue like this.
  3. I have a phase -> neutral short that intermittently causes a massive overload on the inverter – I think this is unlikely, I have never seen a full-on 240v short that clears its self and reoccurs two weeks later.

One thing really stands out to me - the Inverter logged a low battery warning at 49.59v - this is very strange as the warning trigger voltage is set to 47.10v . I can not see how this can be the case (unless it is a firmware fault???)

If anyone has any suggestions, ideas or advice, I would be extremely grateful.

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About the low voltage warnings, what are your batterie's specifications?
Do you have assistants in the Quattro's?

Sorry @Boekel, I missed your first reply until now. I have provided more info and answered your questions.

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as you have a Venus GX then have you access to the VRM system and would you be willing to grant access so that we can look at the data, to see if this points to anything.

if so please advise dates and times of the shutdowns

also the latest firmware is 433 now

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Hi @Paul B,

I am very happy to share any data that may help shed light on why this is happening.

I will post the dates and times of the events tomorrow. What else do I need to do to provide access to the data?

Dates and times (all local Brisbane Australia times):

2nd Incident

Low Battery (49.59V) 2019-03-12 18:48 (why is 49.59v considered low???)

Inverter Overload 2019-03-12 18:48

3rd Incident

Inverter Overload 2019-03-23 08:22

At this point I decided not to do anything to see if it would self-reset - it did not, so I, from the remote console, switched the inverter off and back on resulting in ...

Inverter Overload 2019-03-23 08:27

And again ...

Inverter Overload 2019-03-23 08:28

At this point I physically switched the inverter off and back on, which cleared the fault.

Low battery is the default settings in the inverter, you need to set these to what suites the batteries you have installed.

email me your vrm ID and ill have a look. thats the ccgx VRM ID

you will then need to authorize my access

Thanks Paul,

VRM sharing Email sent.

The reason for my comment “why is 49.59v considered low???” is because the settings for the Quattro have a pre-alarm set at 47.10v and shutdown at 45.50v - both way below 49.59v – so why is it complaining at 49.59v??