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Connecting 2 GX Devices, separate systems, 1 x Multiplus & Battery

Reposting from a comment to an older answer by @wkirby as a new question....

Further to your answer, where you say you can connect a 2nd GX device, but not share between the 2 GX's:

I already have a Multiplus with CCGX plus a separate existing extensive N2K network on a boat & want to expand monitoring to include several tanks, wireless temp monitors & share some data from each of the CCGX & Cerbo with the exisiting N2K network.

I am happy to keep the the 2 GX devices as separate systems (but effectively sitting on the same N2K network), and would prefer not to replace the CCGX with Cerbo+Touch 50/70 for the existing "House" Electrical system which has been working well for 3+ years:

Would it be possible to add Cerbo via VE CAN to CCGX and then connect the Cerbo to the N2K network via a single VE Can to NMEA 2000 cable?

Many thanks


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