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VRM Generator Hours showing as Solar

Have read @SeanLePoidevin entry at

Also referred to @mvader (Victron Energy Staff) links inside that post.

Our sailing vessel has a new 24/5000 Multi, VE.Bus BMS and 150/70 MPPT all managed by a VenusGX. They and the 2 x 200 AH LiPo are also all with the latest released software. Being logged to VRM (15 min) whenever we connect to the internet.

Last evening I ran the 4.5 kVA generator for approximately one hour to bring the LiPo (24/200 AH x 2 ) from mid 50's% to 93% SoC. VenusGX was used to 'monitor' the progress and all showed as it was expected.

Logged onto VRM this morning and it did not show the generator hours but instead showed them as 'large' solar generation.

Previous generator use has shown up correctly (see VRM screen shot) with 'green' generator contribution. The VRM Solar Yield also identifies the time (21:00-22:00 hours approx) for this 'solar' yield which is clearly not the midnight sun here on the Gold Coast - Australia. We have a relatively good day (sun wise) but not exceptional and certainly not near the value indicated below.

This is a relatively new installation so still trying to get to grips with the 'normal' status quo and am sure that I did not make any changes to the 'VenusGX' configuration that may have contributed to this.

Any thoughts as to why high current (100A@ 24 Volts) being generator AC to a networked Multi will be displayed on the local VenusGX correctly as 'Generator AC' and yet be logged in VRM as 'solar'?

VRMVenus OSGenerator
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Hi Michael,

Extremely peculiar. Thanks for reporting it, I'll ask the VRM engineers to look into it.

We are getting close to the full moon though :)



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