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Multiplus 3000 - What else do I need

I have a Multiplus 3000 and a Victron Orion B2B. I am running a Nations 280 amp charger setup for AGM batteries, shore power, and no solar. I'm confused about what I need to monitor and control the inverter. Do I need the BMV712? Should I use a Cerbo GX and Touch 50? Will that do what the 712 would do or do I still need that. Will that give me everything I need? Do I need to purchase a shunt too? HELP! I have a guy who will be doing all this but I don't think he's familiar with all the Victron options.

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Paul B answered ·

I would suggest

1 victron Smart shunt (this monitors the battery voltage and SOC)

2 cerbo gx and a cerbo touch 50 - (Allows remote monitoring and system overview plus much more)

3 cables to connect the multiplus to the cerbo

4 cables to connect the smart shunt to the cerbo

5 x look at going lithium next time you replace the batteries (suggestion)

6. mobile hotspot so that yoiu have internbet on the boat 24/7 for remote monitoring

do lots or reading on what other things a cerbo can to

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Thanks for the response. I'm in MN so we get very cold. That was the reason for AMG batteries.

I like all the technology so I'm inclined to blow some money on this stuff. It sounds like maybe I don't really need any of it according to the other response. At a minimum I think I'll run the cables during the build process. Thanks so much for your very detailed response.


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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

For a setup with lead batteries the easiest would be just the MultiPlus.
Setup the correct charging algorithm and low voltage cut-off according to datasheet of the batteries and that's it. (a MK3 interface is needed)

All other components are nice-to-have but optional. The Multi doesn't have to know the exact SOC.

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Very interesting. Two totally different answers. I already have the B2B which I thought at the time might not be necessary given that the Nations alternator was setup for my AGM batteries. As a compromise between my two responses I'm thinking I could run the cables during the rough-in but just utilize the MK3 interface to program things initially. Do I need the Orion DC-DC that I already have? Do I need to set this up? Will the MK3 interface allow me to do that?

I know I'm asking a lot of questions that will make you think I shouldn't be doing this myself which is why I have a guy doing it. I just want to make sure I have the correct components ready for him. He's not the guy I really trust to design this system, but I think he can implement it.

I really appreciate you guys that take the time to help! Happy New Year

I don't know if you need the Orion or not, this depends on how the alternator is working.

Normally an Orion is used with EURO6 alternators and/or lithium batteries.

To setup the Orion you use the VictronConnect app via Bluetooth.

The MK3 is only used to setup VE.Bus devices.

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ejrossouw answered ·

What specifically do you want to monitor/control over what is shown on the inverter status leds? You may however consider the VE.Bus smart dongle if you want a cable free monitoring solution, although you will still require the MK3 which can also be connected to a mobile with the VictronConnect app. for configuration.

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I honestly don't know what I want to monitor. Your question leads me to lean towards Matthias' answer and not monitor anything. I guess I've had other motorhomes and never paid attention to any of it as long as things were working. lol

Thanks for the input