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Vrm Alarm Rule stop working for ET112


On yacht with a Cerbo GX, 2 ET112 and a smart shunt

One of the Et 112 is used for monitoring the grid (shore power)

On the VRM was configured an alarm in Settings/ Alarm rules/ Grid meter / Grid L1 power low alarm at 5W clear 6W and high at 2250 W clear 2200W.

It was working from the installation at 10/2/2021 Until 07-10-2021 at every disconnection of the power had an alarm

Grid meter - SHORE POWER [31] Alarm rule Grid L1 - Power

from then on i had 2 more disconnections the last one for more than 16 hours with out alarm

I test it on an other installation and after the disconnection the value on the devise was the last known.

VRMEnergy Meteralarm
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