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EasySolar 12/1600 Set Charge To 95% not voltage limit - MK3 Interface

Hi Everyone,

So I have already had help with my easysolar 12/1600 which is paired with a Lithium 300ah battery with built in Bluetooth BMS.

My issue is the charger constantly getting the battery to full charge, then turning off, the voltage drops as it isn’t being charged and then the charger kicks back in and repeating the cycle. This in turn means I can’t stop the lithium BMS from having cell over voltage protection kick in and when that happens it cuts power to the entire van for about a second. Is there a way to stop this?

I have been adjusting the parameters within ‘AC Input Control’ to get the charge from the AC input to stop charging at 14.1V instead of 14.4V and then come back on when battery percentage is at 85% but this cuts the power to the air conditioner on AC OUT 0.

Is there a way to set the ac input charge to stop charging at a battery percentage rather than a voltage as charge voltage is not representative of the battery full voltage.

I have also tried having the ‘AC Input Control’ off and under ‘Charger’ setting the absorption to 14.1V but this just meant the original issue of charge to 100% cut off, voltage drop, charge back on etc until the BMS freaked out, happened again.

am I missing something or do I just have to lower the absorption voltage to nearer 13.6v which is where the battery sits at 100% when not being charged?

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Mike Dorsett answered ·

The only way I know that this could be done is by using a pi or CCGX type unit to control the system. This would then use the dynamic current and voltage limiting for the charger, and depending on the interface between the BMS and the Venus OS you can profile the charge current such that it goes to a trickle charge once the SOC goes to 95%, or a cell voltage gets to 95% of max cell. This will then allow the cell balancing to do its work, and efectively maintain the charger in a dynamic float condition. If you are hitting cell over voltage cut off, either your set points are too high, or your battery is out of balance?

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Hi Mike, am i missing something but why is the easy solar charging the battery then getting to full, stoing charge and then almost immediately kicking back in to charge? is there a setting to get the multiplus in the easysolar to charge and then wait for an amount of time before starting again?
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kevgermany answered ·

Might seem dumb, but did you set battery type correctly in the multiplus and separately in the solar controller?

If you don't have a CCGX or similar, you can use the dip switches on the multi and rotary switch on the MPPT to achieve some of what Mike mentioned. It's buried in the manual.

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no they are all set for lithium. Could the 712-BMV be throwing it all out?