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Configuration of Multiplus II with existing AC inverters

I currently have a photovoltaic system. Is there any advantage, at transfer level in the multiplus 3000 / 48v in the previous version for multiplus II current?

And a multiplus 5000 / 48v does all that multiplus II does with extra charge and discharge power?

I can enter 32A in multiplus II and with 32A in AC-out, but if there is a grid fault with the multiplus II I can only take 2400w of AC-Out. Can I increase this available power in situation of grid failure by putting my grid inverter (I took advantage of my already old ig30 fronius that is not able to do AC Coupling) in AC-out In this case to avoid problems in the batteries , would divert the excess energy that the house would not consume by the imerssun through the AC-out.

I know that with a current Fronius or SMA I could regulate the power by frequency change with the proper settings, but since I already have the ig30 and to work well it will be to avoid expense .....

Regarding this, with regard to the configuration of an inverter pv, are there any Fronius in comparison to the sma SB (for example SMA sb 3000tl-20 vs fronius prime)?

thank you

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This sort of system design information is best supplied to you by a trained local distributor. Visit the where-to-buy page for your area and get in touch with them to discuss your options, and all necessary equipment.

Other users may wish to help you, but that is the official path from Victron.

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