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Configuration of my system with inverter multiplus II 48V

At the moment my AC photovoltaic system consists of an inverter fronius ig30 with 8 panels of 270W each (about 2100w) and an immersun box that makes a deviation from the excess that the house does not consume, for a hot water heater up to 3000W.

I'm going to install another 2200w in a MPPT for about 20kwh in 16 lithium 220AH (48v) cells that come on the way home. So I'll have more than 4000w in PV.

I am inclined to purchase a victron multiplus II (48v) and other necessary accessories (Venus ...)

I would like to keep my fronius, but I imagine you can not call it in order to make ac coupling because it is old.

Can I keep you connected in Auto Consumption with the immerssun to Grid parallel topology with PV inverter and MPPT solar charge controller , the divert the surplus to the AQS, since the multiplus can not inject more than 2400w in the house?

Any suggestion of configuration of my system I am immensely grateful.

thank you

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Keep the Fronius set up how it currently is If you Fronius is too old to communicate with the Victron kit then you can buy an energy meter (ET112) and have it connected inline to allow the Victron system to measure its output.

In theory, Multiplus will take energy that the Fronius is producing until the battery is full. After this, there will be excess and the Immersiun will do its job. Multiplus will also feed in excess from the MPPT.

What I am unsure of is how two devices (Multiplus and Immersun) are going to react as they are both trying to prevent feed in.

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Thanks for the answer. With the most current fronius (primo type and symo) there is configuration for ac coupling in ac-out of multiplus II with frequency regulation without needing the ET112, since it has an internal meter. In relation to the multiplus 5000, would it be possible to do everything you said in relation to the multiplus II with the advantage of loading nails and injecting more? or lost something?

Waat is the maximum power that can go through the "Critical Charges" in multiplus II?

I know that without the presence of the grid I can only inject with the inverter 2400w. Basically I wanted to know if it's possible to "load" the whole house (32A) into ACin

Explaining .... if you have contracted from grid company 32A, can I pass this entire chain through the multiplus II before entering the house distribution board?

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