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Choose victron Hybrid system with 5x LG X NeON®2 365 W

I am new in victron solar system.

I got:

5x LG X NeON®2 365 W on my roof, (i had to install panels during new roof instalation)

300L 3000W unused water boiler connected to my water network (i use gas)

48V 10AH unused bike battery with BMS (

i am ongrid but want to be able to have power during cutoff during day with solar panels for water boiler, or little lights during night (3W *4).

My questions:

With victron system, can i realize that:

-use real time solar production with regulation to send it to water boiler below 3000W depending on production, and never use battery

-is a Bike battery like i have can be used in a victron system, but only for powering victron system and little lights in case off cutoff

-What configuration do you advise? Multigrid or other? i will add other panels in few years.

In case victron system cannot regulate power consumption to production, what system do you advise?

Thank you for your assistance

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