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MultiPlus for car charging.

I was desperate. The other car was out and about and because I had not used this car for a few weeks it's battery was low. The first solution to come to my mind was to dig out my old VE.9Bit MultiPlus. I had to use the laptop to lower the charge current.
MultiPlus got the job done and I was on the road in short order!

Multiple uses for a MultiPlus!

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter ChargerHumour
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Maybe you find some space for a fix installation.

Why not use a hairdryer, when on the way to work and be late. ;o)

...or a coffee machine, that's what I would prefer. :o).



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When you work with batteries and cannot find one that can be used...or no proper jumper cables...

a 3s lithium ion battery also works well I can tell you :)

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