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MPPT ignoring BMS


My system is VenusGX + Multi II + MPPT + Liion Battery + Batrium BMS (connected via CAN-Bus). Everything has been updated to the latest version of firmware.

Batrium BMS has been selected as Battery monitor in the VenusOS, DVCC has been enabled. The problem is that the MPPT is ignoring BMS settings and keep charging batteries when BMS request to stop (Charge limit current set to 0A). I've double checked all of the settings, reboot the system (couple of times), but mppt is still keeps charging when it should stop.

Is there anyone with similar system that can do a quick test and request 0A from BMS to see if MPPT will stop?

Any suggestions welcome



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Inverter switched off when CANBUS disconnected


I have a Batrium BMS That is connected to the Cerbo gx using the CANBUS. The BMS has a an issue where it freezes for an undetermined amount of time then restarts normally. When it freezes for more than one minute (not sure the exact duration), my inverters turn off. As soon as the CANBUS data is back, the inverters turn on.
Is there a way to program a delay before the inverters turn off?

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Batrium and Smartsolar on the same Cerbo

Hi Victron skilled enthusiasts and professionals!

For a year now, I have a Cerbo GX, a MP II 5000/48 and a SmartSolar over VE.CAN combined with a LiFePO4 battery (controlled by a Batrium BMS).

I want to replace the 11 years old 8kWh European battery LiFePO4 battery with 16pcs Winston 400Ah LiFePO4 cells and in order to preserve my investent I want to connect The Victron and Batrim over CANbus.

Batrim, in their manual however states: "it is not possible to connect both VE.Can products and a BMS battery together on a Color Control GX".

Does this apply for the Cerbo as well and what could be the reason/shortcoming of the Batrium/CG GX?

The Cerbo has an additional BMS.CAN bus so at this one, the Batrium could reside in my opinion.


Besides the above, I also consider switching to BMS of REC or 123smartBMS.

REC has an extended manual for adding drivers to the Cerbo in order to be found over the VE.CAN? bus and the separate cellmonitors (like the longmons of Batrium) have an integrated temperature sensor on each cell too.

CANbus comms however I haven't dug into yet.

Any suggestions here (specially for my first question)?



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Remotetly turn assistants on or off

I'm using assistants on my Quattro to ignore AC to maximise solar charging by keeping my (Lithium) battery bank between 80% and 95% charged.

However, in order for my (passive) battery balancing using my BMS (Batrium) to occur I need periodically to allow the AC to fully charge the batteries and keep them there for an hour or so for the full balancing process to complete.

Is there a way to turn an assistant on and off remotely using a Cerbo and NR, MQTT, etc.?

I can't see any MQTT topics relating to Assistants, could I maybe use the relays some way?

Of course, ultimately using the "Irradiated" setting on the MPPT relays would be nice so that the assistant(s) are ON when the sun is out and OFF when it's dark!

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