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VE.Direct splitter/ hub


I would like to connect 2 pcs Blue Solar MPPT solar charger in addition to 1 pcs BMV-712 battery monitor to a Color Control GX, but as far as i know the Color Control only got two VE.Direct ports. I would need three.

Is there a VE. Direct splitter or hub that will allow me to connect all my items with VE. Direct?

Or is there another solution to my issue?

Henning Lillehagen asked
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BMV-712 dead

We have a LiFePO4 solar system in our campervan. Our BMV-712 was connected for about a month and worked fine. When the weather got cold, I shut the whole system down. It's warm today, so I started everything up and the BMV-712 is dead. The batteries are showing healthy through the smart charger, but the BMV desplay is dead. Thoughts?

Can I reset it?

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What size hole is in the 712 temp sensor lug, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm??


Just bought a temp sensor for my 712 and it dawned on me to check the size of the hole as my lithium batteries have a 12mm bolt in them. I tend to have to drill out the holes in most lugs and I’m wondering if drilling out this hole may cause an issue!!! Anyone know the actual size of it??

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Where I can find the USB protocol for BMV-712 and VE. Direct to USB ?

Hi everyone, I search a solution to connect a BMV-712 at my local Network. I have 2 solutions : - With an ethernet cable (Modbus TCP) - Witch an USB cable, directly on my computer Thank you by advance for your help. Mehdi

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