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Strange Noise from new Mulitplus 2 - Faulty?

So iam a happy new Member to the Victron Family :)

I own 3 MP2 and have them running for three Days now.

Last night this Problem began. My Power went away every then and now with Error "Device Shut off" - i had to manually turn it on via Remote Console.

As I got the Devices running, i was suprised that the "Hum" Sound ist quite loud - But i read here thats quiete normal.

But 2 Hours ago the Multiplus on Phase 2 starts making weird very loud noises.

Is this still normal? Or did I catch a faulty device?


Multiplus-IIBMV Battery MonitorAutotransformerfault
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It sounds within its normal range to me, its more like a cooling fan is working on that unit

please note also that even though you have 3 units ie 15,000VA if ANY one phase goes over 5,000VA @25 deg c then you will get a overload warning and maybe a shut down.

make sure you have your phase's balanced as much as you can

as I see L1 is very low and L3 is High they all should be around 300 each if you had a balanced phases.

now this is NOT a issue at low usage levels but when you approach a very high load situation and only one phase is doing the work its easy to overload the units then the whole lot shuts down

easy to fix usually by moving items from one phase to another.

DO NOT move 3 phase items around as this may inadvertently reverse the direct of a motors rotation, and there is no gain anyway

Some large air con units also only use 2 phase's so these are also hard to balance

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Thanks for your answer. Today i did little test. It really seems the Fans are that loud. Sounds like a little enginge running in there ...

I tried to get all 3 MP to invert - very loud. Iam not sure why they put that noisy ( With such a hammering noise) in there...

Thanks for the other Tipps. On Phase 3 is my Server Room UPS with all Servers connected. The other Phases arent under heavy load at this time. I try to balance them, always. (eg. the Washing Maschine is on L1).

Iam not Offgrid, so Problems will only start in cases where Mains are not there.

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