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ET 340 displaying wrong readings on Grid icon

Hello All,

Just did 2 x awesome installs of 3 phase systems with the ET340 meter. Both are displaying strange behaviour on the consol. grid setpoint is maintained but the + and - numbers on grid side worries me.....


for instance, It shows a total load of 1910W on the meter, but on grid side it kinda splits it in 2, seemingly feeding back to grid on 1 phase?? And this only happens when I have available solar.

Is this normal behaviour? or have I done something wrong??

Wiring of unit, is as per instruction except for neutral that is not going to other side of meter? Not sure if that is an issue? I will check that early next week.

On my ET114 installs on sigle phase I dont see any negative numbers on grid side.

Any help will be appreciated.


Leon Besaans

VRMEnergy Meter3 phase
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