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Best configuration for Narada 48NPFC100 in Multiplus II

Hello, I need help to configure a Multiplus II 3000 with 2 Narada 48NPFC100 lithium batteries in a PV system with 2 SMA Sunny Boy 1.5 in an off-grid system. The system is working fine and charging the batteries until for some reason unknown to me, the Multiplus raise the frequency and shuts down the SMA inverters (also the electricity in the house) even when the batteries are not fully charged. My supplier in Chile for both Narada Batteries and Victron Multiplus doesn´t answer my queries and I don´t trust in the batteries and charger configuration (VEConfigure and ESS) that the supplier gave me earlier. If more info is needed please ask me for it. Any help will be very appreciated.

Info from last 3 days:






PS: may be @NicoV or @Daniël Boekel (Victron Energy Staff) can help me? Thanks!!!

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Disclaimer: I have no experience in off-grid setups.

What I notice in your screenshots is that you haven't checked the 'Lithium batteries' checkbox. In the other screenshot you specifically selected 'Gel or AGM battery', while in your text you say you are using Lithium. You should be selecting LiFePo4 there instead of Gel/agm. The 48NPFC100 battery is a LiFePo4 battery chemistry. So at the very least you've selected the wrong battery type.

With my limited experience.. Only thing that I can think of that once your batteries have been bulk-charged, the MultiPlus will go into absortion and the consumption of the multiplus will slowly become less and less untill your batteries are fully charged. If during that time there is an excessive amount of pv-power, maybe there is simply too much pv power, and there isn't anywhere the power can go. I couldn't

I'd focus my attention to the SunnyBoy inverters. Have you configured them for off-grid mode, so they can limit their output power? Please see

Looking at that PDF at page 4, it looks to me like the Sunnyboy will only limit output power when the frequency is 1 Hz above the default, probably 50 Hz. So in your last screenshot maybe you should increase 50.2 Hz to 51 Hz. The second setting should be 52 Hz and the last parameter should be eg. 53 Hz.

And again, please make sure your SB's are configured in off-grid mode!

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Thank you tozz! The battery setup was given by my supplier, but I don´t know if it´s working. I changed the SB to off grid mode but the frequency shifting doesn´t match with the Multiplus. I´m researching how to configure it right.


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On your VE configure;

1 charge efficiency 1

2. On the charger tab : bulk/ absorption 54v , float voltage 51.5

3. Cut off voltage is ok

4. On your ESS dynamic cut off make it the same as your cut off voltage in this case it’s 43.2 for all the *c there

Those are the key settings related to the battery and recommended from the manufacturer

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