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Can GX generator start/stop feature control AC in of Quattro?

Hello all,

For a setup on a yacht, I want to control the AC in 2 of the Quattro so that during the sunny hours of the day, the shore power does not charge the Quattro. The result is that during the day only my solar panels charge the batteries.

I enabled in the Venus GX the feature generator start/stop, in such a way that the generator starts at 18.00 and stops at 08.00 hrs. I then set AC in 2 in the GX to generator. I am assuming this then controls relay 1 of the GX and switches it on and off based upon the indicated hours.

I then wired relay 1 of the GX to the auxilary relay of the Quattro.

With VE-configure, I added the following assistant to the Quattro:

1618482568461.pngWill this work? Will the AC in 2 be ignored from 08.00 till 18.00 hrs?

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Paul B answered ·

This is my setup if its on any help

The relay 1 and relay 2 turn a external contactor on and off . the contactor is used to isolate the PV inverter if the voltage at the battery goes high from overcharge, just a catch all saftey feature. As sometimes I am finding that the frequency shift does not occur quick enough and thus voltage goes high




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Thanks Paul B, I'll study this. Tomorrow I am back at the yacht and I will continue experimenting (if there is sufficient sun).

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Paul B answered ·

yes it can

I would move the general flag to position 1 in the list though and test it out,

I use it all the time

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Hello Paul B,

Thanks for your response. I implemented the situation as I described, but I am not getting the result I expected. The generator (actually shore power) does not switch on or off at the times programmed. I think it has to do with the way I defined the relays. I hard wired the Normally Open end of the GX relay to the Normally Open end of the Quattro.

I then have in the 1st assistant:
-Use general flag to ignore AC in 2

In the 2nd assistant:
-Use general flag
-Set relay on
-when auxiliary input is open for 10 seconds

In the 3rd assistant:
-Use general flag
-Set relay off
-when auxiliary input is closed for 10 seconds

With these assistant the generator/shore power is off, but does not switch on or off at the desired times.

When I change in the 2nd assistant Set relay to off and in the 3rd the relay to on, the generator/shore power is on, but does switch off at the desired time.

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks Paul, but the general flag position has to be last I experienced, otherwise it does not work.

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JohnC answered ·

Hi @jurjenhoekstra

Given it was probably me that coerced you to head this way..

Like Paul B says.

What you name ACIN2 in the GX may determine where VRM applies your historical data. So if you want continuity there just leave it set to whatever you had before. It should have no bearing on the GX relay.

What you could also consider is adding in another pair of prog relay entries to restart ACIN2 if/while your batt V gets too low, say because of a heavy load or really bad sun. A 'failsafe', hey..

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Hello JohnC,

Yes, because you suggested to switch shore power of during solar hours, I came up with the idea of using the generator start/stop feature of the GX. This offers the possibility for quiet hours and by defining the quiet hours from 08.00-18.00 hours, the shore power can be switched off.

In that same feature, it allows certain conditions under which the generator should ignore quiet hours. So there I defined that if the load is larger then 1200 W for 60 seconds, the generator should start. If less then 1200 W for 30 seconds, the generator should switch off.

I see what you mean by leaving AC in 2 as Grid in stead off Generator, as I am now missing the input for the historical data.


Yeh, and I'm suitably impressed by how you've jumped straight in and worked out how to do it yourself. Well done!

Just testing and tweaking now to find that balance in your system..

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jurjenhoekstra answered ·

It now works. I struggeld first with wiring the Venus GX relay to the AUX 1 of the Quattro. I used the Common and NC connection of the GX relay 1 and connected it to + and - of AUX 1 and this did the trick. I further enabled in the GX the use of the Generator start/stop functionality which switches on or off the relay 1. Then I added quiet hours from 08.00 to 18.00 hours. I further enabled that if the load is higher then 1200 W for 15 seconds, then the Generator (relay 1) switches on. Consequently the AUX 1 of the Quattro is now high and I programmed the Quattro with an assistant that if AUX 1 is high then AC 2 (shore power) kicks in. If load lower then 1200 W for more then 15 seconds, then AUX 1 is low and the assistant knows to ignore AC2.

Further if SoC lower then 80/75 %, then Quattro charger will start and charge till 90 %.

I can also manually with the Remote Console switch the generator (actually AC 2 of Quattro which is shore power) on and off.

This thread can be closed.


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