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AC-IN RCD tripping when Quattro connects starts using it.


Hoping to get some insights on this because it is very odd.

The ACin-1 of my Victron Quattro 15000VA it is connected to the mains but with an RCD to protect about 15meters of cable that is from main SwitchBoard to the Victron. In this case as soon as Victron internal switch makes the contact (click noise inside Victron) the RCD trips on the switchboard. I have tried to put a Type A just in case that would fix it but trips as well...

When I connect direct without RCD, all works perfect, Victron works as UPS and no issues in the supply.

Any insights?

Thanks a lot!

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Check with a meter and see if there is any voltage between neutral and earth. You may have a bad earth somewhere, or another wiring issue

Hi @Alexandra, thanks for your answer.

There is not leakage, it happens ONLY when the Victron Quattro activates the connection in ACin. Until then no problem, if remove Victron Quattro and connect the loads trough that RCD the whole house all works perfect, no trips anytime and trips when needs to trip.

Leakage/tripping happens right when Victron connects and starts drawing from ACin, so its very very odd. Is it supposed to have direct connection from mains/grid to ACin without any RCD?? I would like to protect those 15meters of wire tho.


There is a ground relay inside the victron unit it is active when there is no grid power so maybe in the crossover there is an issue. Do you have your physical wiring neutral earth tie before or after your inverter. Grid code does also affect the ground relay setting.

I have the earth wired to the Victron case plus inside.

Grid code is selected as Other because I have ESS and there is no grid code for our country, I do have a Ziehl Anti-islanding and a the grid gets cut off for safety if needed.

I do have ground relay active in the Inverter settings tab.

I am not sure why it happens tho...

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