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New multiplus vs multipluc compact vs multiplus

Hello all,

I'm in a bit of a dilemma, and do not know which route to go with an inverter/charger.

I'm now confused in what to get.

Multiplus - classic, has all the nice features

Multiplus compact - going to be discontinued, what does it lack next to the multiplus?

New multiplus - this I'm not sure what features it has, I see it has different ac in/out with connectors, not hard wired inside, does it come in the box with cable? I cannot find any information or video footage of the new multiplus, looks like nobody has installed or reviewed this product...

All the help would be appreciated!

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Matthias Lange - DE answered ·

The MultiPlus (Compact)/Quattro in aluminum enclosure are the "old" ones with the largest product range (AC voltage, DC voltage and inverter power).
MultiPlus Compact (up to 1600VA) is coming with prewired DC connections and GST18 connectors for AC.
2000VA and more don't have DC wires connected (and not included) and screw terminals for the AC.
I don't know of any plans to discontinue this series.

The MultiPlus in plastic enclosure are the "new" ones but are only available for 230V AC and up to 1600VA.
They also have GST18 connectors for AC but there are no DC wires included.

The MultiPlus-II is specially designed for ESS.
It currently have a very limited product range with only 3000 and 5000VA (a 8000VA model is in development).
They have screw terminals for the AC and no DC wires included.
(MultiPlus-II GX and EasySolar-II GX have the same base inside)

All MultiPlus/Quatto have the same features.
The bigger ones have a few more signal inputs or programmable relays.

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Does the 2019 model of Multiplus Compact 12/2000 have VE.Bus RJ45 so it can be connected to the Cerbo GX ?

Yes, theMulti Compact has VE.Bus connections. I've got one in my RV along with a Venus control system (currently a Raspberry PI, but a CCGX prior to that), so it will connect to Cerbo.

The Compact 2000/120 does not have the second AC output. All other MultiPlus "classic" and the MultiPlus-IIs have two AC outputs.

The new Multiplus 2000 appears to have the same feature set as the Compact (and a single AC output) but in the Multiplus-II case. Haven't seen this one at the on-line sites yet.

Multiplus-IIs are available in 230 volt version except for the new MultiPlus-II 3000/2x120 which is designed for split-phase 120/240 volt systems. It only has a single 120 volt inverter but that can feed both sides of the load panel when running on inverter.

Quatros have a second AC input for internal grid/generator changeover.

Thank You !

Can you help me identify how to find the ve.bus connection on the multiplus compact? It’s eluding me for some reason. Thanks
It's inside the main cover in the lower left. You'll see two RJ-45 connectors there. Either one is VE.Bus. NOT ethernet!
Hey that did the trick, thank you so much Kevin! I for the life of me couldn’t find that info in the docs, hugely appreciate the tip!