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How do I see energy usage monthly (the most accurate way)

Hi ladies and gentlemen. I need your help here.

I have installed EasySolar 48/5000/70-100 MPPT150/100 for my client. I need to charge them the electricity they use only. Every month We have to go there now and use the old power meter and go there manually write down their usage and charge them there has to be a better way.

1- something that integrates with VRM so we can bill them remotely without going onsite. This is pure off grid system nothing fancy. Accurately charge what they use.

thank you so much team.

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In theory on the dashboard you should be able to select a date range and see your system system consumption total.

You can check over your last few months data from your physical meter readings verses historical data for each range to correlate.

If you find it is not the same or the variation is beyond what you like, then maybe installing an energy meter like an ET112 may be better...


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Hi Alexandra

thank you for your response to my question. That is very good idea but this would not go down to Whatts. I need granularity here

I like the idea of the Victron Emergy meter but was not able to find any diagram that shows what I am trying to do hence that is why I posted this question.

most of what I see is grid feed meter and vice versa. I don’t know if this will work. It would be awesome if @VictronStaffer can confirm this. As always I appreciate your answer.

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