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Advice for my off-grid setup!

Hello everyone. I have made a final setup that im going to install shortly. I would love to hear some advices about the setup, i am no expert so anything will help :)

-12x450Wp Trina solar

-Multiplus II 48/5000

-Smartsolar MPPT 250/100-Tr Ve.Can

-4x US2000B Pylontech

-Cerbo GX

-GX Touch 50

-And maybe the Lynx Power In to be able to install MEGA Fuses.

What do you think of this system? Thank you in advance!

MPPT - Solar Charge ControllerMultiplus-IIcerbo gxPylontechlynx shunt
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Murray van Graan answered ·

Hi @tpwchr that sounds like an awesome system. Just check the stringing with regards to open circuit voltage during cold weather and the 250V input on the MPPT. Best is to use Victron’s MPPT calculator on the website. Let us know how it goes!

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tpwchr answered ·

Hi @Murray van Graan thanks for the feedback. I checked the victron MPPT calculator and for 4S3P or 3S4P recommends me the 250/100. I will think which one of those two configurations I will take.

I will keep the post updated once its done :) any other feedback will be greatly appreciated!

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What is the Voc of those PV panels?

Based on Voc you can establish the maximum number of PV panels you can wire in series for a certain solar charger.

All your PV panel will be installed on the same surface (same angle and same orientation/azimuth)? If no, then use multiple solar chargers (one for each array).

Any shading issues? If yes, keep in mind that all PV panels in series with the shaded panel will drop their energy production (a single shaded panel brings the entire string production down).

I'm planning to install all solar panels in a roof so all of them will have same angle and azimuth, but it's true that there is some problems with shades (chimney and a tree) dependng on the time of the day, so I will do my best to install series where shade is to optimize the PV absorption.

My roof only fits 12 1x2m solar panels, so I will either make it 4S3P(198.4V 34.59A) or 3P4S( 148.8V 46.12A)

And I dont know if either choose VE.Can or VE.Direct, it's same price.

If shading is an issue, try to arrange/wire the panels in such a way that panels from multiple strings are not shaded at the same time (if shade can't be avoided, at least try to keep it on panels from a single string at a time).

When you look into the shaded areas, analyze the shading for all seasons. If yo have multiple options, choose the best arrangement for winter.

You already have the panels?

Hey @Seb71 i just saw your message. Thanks for the input. Definitely I will arrange them so shades go all into the same string. I have ordered them already, 450Wp each!

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ess-and-solar-solutions answered ·

Why not 3 x US3000C 3.5kWh? Not sure about the house loads what you will be running etc. but on a good sunny day you may find the batteries are very quickly fully charged and production will scaled to serve only loads. Winter could be a problem unless you have a backup generator. Make sure you understand the peak loads too and continuous loads well. I can put you in touch with an 100% of-gridder running exactly the same setup apart from different panels for his insights.

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It could be another option 3xUS3000C. I think about us2000b because they are more sold and more people have it basically.

I would love to get in contact with your partner. My email es my username at

I will have a generator that activates automatically once it triggers. Fortunately I live in a sunny area so hopefully will be fine!

He is a customer actually ;) I will put him in touch with you. I am sure either will work fine. Maybe consider the US2000C, which now has 95% DOD as opposed to 90%.

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I didn't know that there was a new version US2000C. But definitely I will get this one instead, because I have read some people having compatibility issues between B and C. I saw that now it connects through RJ45 instead of RJ11, right?

It always connected via a can.bus port, which I believe has only ever been RJ45.

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JohnC answered ·

Hi @tpwchr

Nice. I note you have a Touch 50 listed, but depending how nerdy you are, you may want more from your monitoring and adjustments.

I like all the options I can get, preferably conveniently remote from the actual installation:

1. The MFD app, which is great for a quick look. Deeper in that is the screen the Touch 50 gives.

2. VRM. Another visual, but deeper in, great for periodic totals and magic graphs. Firmware updates for some kit. Multiplus adjustments via VEConfigure.

3. VictronConnect for adjustments to VEDirect kit. Useful Trends graphs for fine tuning a few things.

4. Lounge chair. Yep, very important, but personal preference, what's yours? I find bluetooth unnecessary, and use just wifi to a CCGX. Ethernet cable handy for emergencies. Win10 laptop with each option accessible from a mouse click.

You may find a SmartShunt useful. I did, more so than the CCGX screen (like a Touch 50), but I don't have Pylons, and don't know what monitoring they might have.

Nor do I know what effect the CAN mppt might have. You could check this (maybe someone else knows), but VictronConnect may not work the laptop way with CAN units versus VEDirect.

An MK3>usb adaptor is necessary for Multiplus firmware upgrades. A lappy again, but you won't need to do this very often. For me it means getting out of the lounge chair, pulling both covers off an Easy 5000, and replugging the ethernet cable to be a VEBus cable. Then back to the chair..

This lot may not seem overly important at first sight, but I hope to live with my system for a long time, so may you.

And oh, this Community just a mouse click away too on the same lappy.

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The Smartshunt won't bring any additional value over the pylontech info and pylons will also communicate via can to the Cerbo.1615039338826.png

1615039338826.png (19.5 KiB)
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What do you mean about the smartshunt, I didnt plan to add any. I believe i dont need it. Thanks!

JohC was referring to the battery monitor. BMV-7XX with display or Smartshunt is one without a display.

Thanks a lot for your inputs.

I'm planning to buy an MK3-USB interface to access the configs I might need. And connect the cerbo gx via wifi to a wireless network that I'm going to have setup with a 3G sim card with its router.

So this way I will be able to connect to VRM remotely, and configure anything needed with the MK3.

Regarding the MPPT Can, they have exactly same price as VE.Direct, so between those two, I guess VE.Can because it might be newer, but should be exactly the same, i hope.

And thanks for the lounge chair adivce hahahah

The MK3 is required for firmware upgrades and also country code changes. Otherwise other changes can now be done via the VRM portal with an upload and download feature.


Yeh, I should check before posting. All of the 250/100 mppts on the current Victron pricelist come with VE.Can. And VE.Direct too, so any doubts I had re compatibility can be ignored. Note they're VE.Can, not Can-bus like the old 150/ models. A little different, and you'll find to accommodate the Pylons you'll need a repinned adapter cable to connect to the Cerbo.

What adaptor will i need to connect to the cerbo? I believe I will connect the pylons to the MPII and to the MPPT.


esquema-pylon.jpg (1.1 MiB)

I would recomend to connect your Cerbo to your network using a Ethernet cable. To prevent possible connection issues.

Hi @GladaDansken, definitely I will connect it with Ethernet better, although it's a 3G modem, lets hope it works smoothly. Thanks!