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Multigrid 48/3000 inverter priority ?

I have to change my current setup from ESS "feed in excess power" to "island mode / inverter priority" as feed-in is no longer tolerated by grid supplier.

As far as I understood the deprecated "self consumption hub 2" with "prevent feedback to grid" is the only way to control the power of non Fronius PV inverters, connected to ACout, by shifting frequency. ESS does support Fronius only - correct? My Inverter (3,5kWp) doesn't allow true power regulation, but as a workaround I can at least switch it off, by setting the upper frequency limit.

I understand this is not the best setup but I need a solution asap.

I plan to connect the loads to ACout1. Average load is 0.5kW, usually not exceeding 3kW.
In case load increases to maybe 4.5kW I hope the "Grid Assist", properly set, will handle it.
Battery is LG Chem 6.5

In case the Inverter fails I'd like to have th eoption to manually switch my L1 loads to the grid

Please let me know your thoughts


I skip all the fuses and wiring details, just the principle


Phoenix Invertermultigrid
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I am stuck, obviously missing the point :o(.

Reconfigured my ESS to a Self consumption HUB assistant 2 v3 where I did not change any wiring.
Used VE Configure, did the settings and sent them to the Multigrid - saved successfully.

As SoC is sufficient I expected the Multi to start the inverter feeding the "critical loads" on ACout1.

Unfortunately after restarting the Multi it stays off. Mains and LowBat LEDs are blinking.
Active AC Input disconnected.
I guess it is an obvious point I am missing, but which one?


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Sometimes reset to default and start again is the best way to go.

I was not able to get the self consumption hub starting, so I used the other option.

Generator start stop and general flag user as suggested. I did not add the PV assistant yet to keep it simple. System was working right away.
However after a while I threw a low battery error and switched off. This happened although battery voltage is not low and SoC sufficient too. For inverter and charge curve I used the same settings I had with the ESS.
Meanwhile I went through many threads here, but didn't find a solution or hint.

At the end I had a look in the compatibility list and was a bit shocked as it says:

LG Chem RESU - Grid Connected ESS only.

I truly hope this isn't the case and I can somehow get my Island set up.
ESS is no option as it will always feed back some energy to grid which is a strict no-go.

Any help appreciated - thanks !



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its me again...
Before changing anything, I updated my VEconfigure and theESS assistant and played a bit.
If my interpretation is right, the ESS assistant does also allow to reduce PV inverters power if connected to AC out.
Can somebody please check & confirm ?

Txs a lot



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What pv inverter do you have?

You could use an ac ignore,

it is not an assistant. And then the pv assistant to control your ac pv inverter if it does support frequency shifting?

The ignore ac would help you with intentional islanding. The article does link other options in it.


txs for picking this up.
I didn't play with multiple assistants yet, I will read the linked information later today.

Could you please briefly explain the difference between:

AC ignore (by generator start stop)
general flag user
PV inverter supoport


PV converter configured at ACout
grid feed-in disabled in Rconsole setting


My PV Inverter is a RefuSol 3TL.

Manual doesn't outline in detail how the inverter responds to frequency shifts. I.e. if it is smoothly reducing power or simply shutting off. I sent a request to the support already.

1614788069881.png Thanks

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The AC ignore can be set almost like the virtual switch based on loads battery.

The general flag is used with other assistants and can be set on and off by them.

So you can use the grid like a generator (back up power) as the article shows.

Pv assistant is used mostly in off grid situations for frequency shifting. So if you do connect to the grid the pv inverter gets shut down. With yours being an inverter I have never seen or used i am not sure how that would work though sorry.


thanks for explaining. understood now.
I'll see which setup will work best for me.