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SmartSolar external control by BMS not working? Will not feed-in excess DC-PV?

I have a Batrium BMS canbus connected to Venus GX and 3x Multiplus-2 48v 3000. This have been working fine for 1,5year. The Multiplus-2 follow the CCL from the BMS.

But now i have added a SmartSolar 150/35. Connected it to Venus GX by VE.Direct. It says "External Control" but i does not follow the CCL or CVL as the Multiplus-2 does?

I found a picture here that someone have the "Externa control" label at the SmartSolar in VRM, that i dont have? I only find it in "Remote Console"? Maby it have to be a SmartSolar with VE.bus for this?

DVCC is off and "DC coupled pv feed in" is active.




Charge Voltage is to high? My CVL is 53,4v.




MPPT - Solar Charge ControllerMultiplus-IIVenus GX - VGXBMSVE.Direct
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