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VRM monitoring site shows wrong data when bulk loading battery

I have a multiplus 12/1600/70, a battery, a smartshunt and a cerbo.
All connected the way they should be, the smartshunt directly at the - of the battery, no mistake there.
When unloading, the vrm portal shows correct data.

However, when loading the batteries with the multiplus, I get the following data schermafbeelding-2021-01-06-om-102033.png

This is not correct.
The only DC consumption I have is the shunt itself and the cerbo and that should be no more than 4W.
There is no AC consumption AT ALL, ie : nothing is connected on the AC-side of the inverter.

Any ideas for this?

ps : latest firmware on all devices

MultiPlus Quattro Inverter Chargercerbo gxsmartshunt
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Hi @Carl Dewever

What does the shunt say if you connect to it directly with VictronConnect (or look at it in the GX menu)?

If you do not have any DC loads or charge sources in your system then you should disable the 'Has DC system' in the 'system setup' menu of the GX.

The DC Power value that is displayed on VRM is not a precise or measured value - it is a calculated value from all the differences between the known and measured sources. So unless you need that 'remainder' displayed, you should disable it.

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When using Victron Connect over bluetooth to read out the shunt, I get almost exactly the values that are displayed on my battery on the screenprint above : 718Watt, 53,7A.
I do have a DC-system, meaning that I will later put this system on my boat where it will have DC consumption consisting of fridge, navigation, autopilot.
Right now, the only DC load is the smartshunt an the cerbo as this setup is mounted in my office right now to test and configure it before I move it to the boat.

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