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Cerbo GX best connection to an old ESP DC link box shunt with battery controller

On a motorhome I have an old ESP dc link box with shunt connected to a battery controller to a Blu Power Panel, controlling a Multi 24/3000. Now I installed a Cerbo GX but I cannot view the battery controller. I thought I could see it through the Ve.bus interface but I don’t.

As a solution I could install a smart shunt but I find it difficult to replace the shunt inside the ESP Dc box. Or I need to install a Bmv battery monitor and try to connect his shunt electronic to my old shunt on the ESP DC box? I do not like this solution as I have no panel space for the BMV display so I would prefer to have a smart shunt in the old ESP Dc link box to communicate via with the Cerbo gx. Or a could replace my Blue power panel with a BPP2 that should have a to ve.bus converter so I should connect the Cerbo to the VBController ?

cerbo gxSmartShuntVE.Net
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