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Monitor data from Cerbo GX ( 7 bluesolar MPPT and 3 Shunts)


I'm trying to read the data from my Cerbo GX, and I'm unable to monitor all. I have 10 devices connected to the cerbo ( 7 bluesolar mppt 75/15 & 3 smart shunts) and I'm only able to monitor 8 of them.

More precisely, I can only read data from device ID between 2--9 and can't read data from ID 10 and 11. What I think is its not registering any Device ID above 10 somehow. While checking my NMEA reader, I can see all my devices with all the data I required. I have tried to change and interchange the instance id's but no luck with id above 10. Also, I can see the all the devices in cerbo network, but the issue is still I can't share the data from those two devices.

What shall I do to read all data from my cerbo?

Any help will be appreciated.


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