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Problem with Cyrix ct contact 86

good morning.
I have a problem with the victronenergy Cyrix Ct 120.
I did a somewhat different installation from the manual.
I put a switch on contact 85 start assist to start the engine with the service batteries.
In addition I also put a switch on the negative contact 86 of the coil.
In this way I disconnect the cyrix to prevent the panels from charging an already charged engine battery every day.

but if one day I decide to reconnect the cyrix with the switch on the negative contact, once the cyrix closes with voltage greater than 13.2v, it is always closed ... and does not open with voltage less than 12.8v.
To get it to work properly again, I have to operate the "start assist" contact switch and then turn off the "start assist".
In this way, the cyrix resumes its automatic functioning.
But every time I turn it off from the negative and then reconnect it, it then gets stuck in the closed position.
Anyone know why this happens?
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Fra avatar image Fra commented ·
Really no technician can give me an explanation?
Why when you unplug the cyrix ground cable and then plug it back in, it no longer works properly?
And does it always remain in the closed position? And diacharge both battery until the end completely?
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janieronen avatar image janieronen Fra commented ·

I have the same Cyrix and if understood correctly that is microprocessor controlled and negative terminal should not be disconnected with switch. So your use case is not intended use and should not be used against preferred use cases. If you want remove start battery when charging you are using the wrong product.

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Fra avatar image Fra janieronen commented ·

I do not know.

in other trahed it has been recommended other times a switch on the negative to increase the versatility of the cyrix.

I only unplug it if I'm still sometimes.

Because otherwise the mppt regulator makes me a charge cycle every day with absorption phase at 14.4v complete with the starting battery already charged.

Probably nothing bad happens but I prefer once a week and not every day.

I also unplug it even if I travel in the sun with charged service batteries. In this case I leave them to the float of the mppt regulator at 13.8v. Instead of the alternator float at 14.3v.

I hope I have explained how I use it.

Also I would like to understand the reason for this "problem" with the switch on the negative.

Not if I need another product.

Rightly as you say, in my case a common relay could also be enough to be powered only manually when I deem it necessary.

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