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Orion 48/12-20 & Has DC System (Cerbo GX)

This is the equipment I have:

Lynx Power In, Lynx Shunt, Lynx Distributor

48v 230Ah LA Battery Bank

Multiplus II 48/5000/70-50

Smart Solar 250/100

Orion 48/12-20

Cerbo GX

8000VA Generator

(including the full list as I dont know what is relevant)


batteries -> powerin -> shunt -> distributor -> orion


When load increases on the orion, the DC Power value on the Cerbo goes negative and and the dots show power going INTO the batteries instead of out of the batteries.

I have 'Has DC System' enabled in the cerbo.

Is my setup correct, or should the orion be connected before the shunt (this would seem counter intuitive as the shunt would no longer be able to monitor SOC.

I am trying to get the DC Power box to indicate the load drawn by the Orion.

PS where do you get the pictures of the Victron gear for the wiring diagrams i see posted up in other questions?




cerbo gxorion-tr smartOrion DC-DC Converters not smart
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