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Venus OS v2.62~4 available for testing

Good afternoon (or morning/night/evening),

Just now we released v2.62~4 for field testing. It adds support for Inverter RS & MPPT RS when connected on the VE.Can port as well as fixes problem when connecting many MPPTs (ie. 15, or 20 of them).

This post is intended for all people participating in the Venus OS Beta test program.

Changes (compared to v2.62~3)

  • Fix bug that caused the gui to run out of memory when connecting many VE.Can or VE.Direct devices (15, 20 or even more MPPTs). After running out of memory the gui would (in most cases) restart, causing a chain of other issues.
  • Add support for the Inverter RS & MPPT RS when connected using the VE.Can comm. port. Connecting on the VE.Direct comm port was already added in earlier versions.
  • Add MPPT DeviceOffReason and MPPOperationMode fields to the VE.Can driver.

All the best,


Venus OS
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Hi Matthijs,

Thanks for sharing the beta.

On my side I haven't identfied any issue so far, except that zero-feed-in still does not effectively approaches 0 or near 0. Although in my setup feed-in is completely deactivated, today with 6 hours sunshine the Victron engine feeded min 5% back into grid. Also an enhanced grid-setpoint between 100W and 200W did not change the situation. I have even the impression, as higher I set the grid-setpoint as more is feeded into grid.


In addition the feature "Multiphase regulation" "Individual Phase" on a 3-phase system seems not to have any effect. Operation is identical when "Total of all phases" is selected.

I would appreciate if that zero-feedin could be enhanced in near future.

More details under this post (zero feed-in) and that post (throttling although power could be used).
It seems that I am not the only party, which is impacted by that constraint:


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Hi Thomas, Noted, already back in December - we are looking into improving the feed-in. Its a big project though touching many parts; might be a while before we have real results. Right now focus is to get v2.62 finished.

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