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Upgrade boat with Multiplus charger/inverter and housebank to LifePo4

Hi, i am trying to figure out how my existing wiring is done on my Galeon from the boatyard and best way to add Multiplus Inverter/Charger and upgrade the housebank to Lifepo4 from AGM batteries.

Boat is "currently" equipped with the following:

2 x Volvo D6-400 with stock alternators

8KW generator

Automatic transfer-switch between shore and generator

1 x Argofet 3 way

2 x Argodiode 3 way

12v/100amp Centaur charger to charge engine, house and thruster bank

Bluesmart charger to charge generator battery bank

4 battery banks

- 1 x Battery for engine start

- 1 x Battery for generator

- 3 x Batteries housebank/Stern Thruster / stern anchor winch (180ah+60ah+60ah)

- 2 x Batteries for Bow Thruster / bow anchor winch

What is not clear for me is how/why they have used 2 x Argodiode and 1 x Argofet, why not three Argofet isolators to get less voltage drop?

As far as i know the Volvo alternators is temperature controlled, so they should handle the increased battery charge capacity that Lifepo4 batteries will demand.

My plan is to replace the house bank with 2 x Lifepo4 200ah or 4 x 100ah and add a 12/3000/120-50 Multiplus charger/inverter to get more creature comfort while not connected to shore power and minimize generator running time.

Since the 12v stern thruster can draw 1000amps i will reuse the existing housebank as thruster/winch bank to not hit the BMS discharge limits.

I will use the old Centaur 12v/100 charger for the existing four battery banks, new Multiplus will be the charger the new Lifepo4 housebank,

I have a unused output on the ArgoFET isolator, i am planning to use that to charge the new Lifepo4 housebank while engine is running.

add a BMV-712 to monitor the new housebank

by the way, everything is 12/230volt on the boat.

Any thoughts, feedback, god or bad is much welcome!


Frode :-)

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It sounds like you've got it worked out well, reason for using diode can be its behind a voltage compensating source, so the Vdrop isn't that important.

due to high currents and investment, I would advice you to get an installer / supplier to check out the system.

Also good idea to use the lead-acid bank for the thruster.

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Only thing I would suggest you consider and this suggestion is just to make sure you consider all options in your investment that's all, and this will depend on were you are situated temperature wise etc, is or are you likely or do you have Air con on the boat, if you have then maybe you should consider a quattro 12 volt 5000 inverter unit so you can have auto change over from shore and generator plus have the capacity to run the air con off the batteries for a period and have no gen noise at night. or at least for extended periods of time.

the 3000 unit may run the air con but the aircon start up maybe to high for it,

just a thought

plus some solar panels if you can fit them would help. the more the better

or you can add a secound 3000 latter as well if need be and stay with your current thoughts, lots of options.

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