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Multiplus 12/1600/70 not charging at full rate

I just finished installing my multi and 280Ah of lifepo4 batteries with REC BMS. Everything else seems to work fine but I can't get multi to actually charge at 70A. It claims it's charging at 60-62A but when measuring with Fluke clamp meter it shows only ~50A flowing. Additionally my BMS shunt shows the exact same reading as fluke does so I'm betting that the Multiplus current measurement is nowhere near accurate...

How do I get the missing 20 amps of charging out of multi? That's quite a big drop from the expected value and increases significantly the charging time for a 280Ah bank..

I have the weak AC off, 70A set as the limit in the settings. Environmental temp is around 27-29C where batteries and multi are. Batteries were at around 70% when I started charging so they should be easily able to take the full 70A.

And to be clear the REC BMS is not communicating with Victron yet so that can't be the issue either.



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Bumping this up if anyone has any ideas...
also bump, experiencing the same issue. not more than 50a, doenst matter what battery state, also rec bms (12v 400ah)

Hi Tuxie

what is the DC voltage output at the time at the Battery and also at the Inverter

what is the mutliplus absolution voltage settings

some screen shots of your settings would help as well

also what firmware is in the multiplus

whats is supplying the power to the multiplus ie mains or generator and its voltage and amps incoming

whats is the AC load output at the time

have you got a GX device connected and if so has the DVCC option been turned on and had a max charge current set as this also limits output DC current

Your Environmental Temperatures might be too high or your ventilation is poor. The MultiPlus is rated for 70A output at 25°C.

Check the Voltage at the Battery + and - cables of the MultiPlus when it is charging. Maybe you set the end of charge voltage too low and you have too much voltage drop over the cables to the Battery.

If you have a GX device, you can connect the REC-BMS to VE.Can or BMS-Can on the Cerbo GX. Then you can switch DVCC on and the MultiPlus gets the accurate readings for current, voltage and temperature from the BMS.
Manual for REC Q BMS_Victron compatible.pdf

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