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Grid monitor not showing / sending alarm

Hi all, I have a Quattro system with Venus GX and want to know if there is a cut on my AC grid line. I activated the "grid fail monitor" on my Venus GX and disconnect my grid energy but nothing happens.

I can't see any alarm saying that my grid is OFF or an email with the alarm.

There is no alarm in VRM portal or my Venus GX.

Is this option to know if I have a cut off of my grid power? If not, there is any option to know when I haven't energy from grid?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Javier Pardo

I'm not familiar with this option in the GX. But if I wanted it I'd go straight to VRM and select one of the myriad of Alarm Rules available there. It's also where the emails originate, so 'straight from the horse's mouth'. :)

The only issue there would be loss of VRM connectivity, but there's an option there to be notified of that too. Might get a little tedious though if you have a flaky link

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Hi John, and first of all thanks for your answer.

I can't see any alarm on VRM to do what I want. There is a "Active input" alarm that I can choose, but I think this alarm will trigger every time I pass from inverting to passthrought. It will detect the ACin is off because the Quattro is inverting, but I have grid power in this situation. I'm wrong on this?

I think there is no option to set an alarm on VRM to see when the grid is totally OFF.

Please, can you confirm this?

Thanks in advance.

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JohnC avatar image JohnC ♦ Javier Pardo commented ·

@Javier Pardo

Maybe you could test it, I can't confirm for sure. If you delve deeper into that option there's also a 'Disconnected' button you could try.

But I'm assuming your grid is actually connected to ACIN (1 or 2) , and not some other way..

Edit/: There's ACIN options for both the Quattro and the GX, so look at both..

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Hi John, finally solved the problem with setting an alarm for "input voltage phase 1". I don't understand why the Venus GX grid monitor is not working in my system. I think can solve the problem with "input voltage phase 1" alarm, but need more information about all this settings from Victron expert. Thanks a lot for your kindly help.

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