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Cannot intermittently access GX remote console


I am intermittently unable to access the remote console on a Venus GX running v2.60. This is the third time this has happened in the past 2 months.


I left the site on August 15. I checked on the site via VRM and Victron Connect several times during the first half of September. The Remote Console was working properly.

I checked the site again after mid-September. The system was accessible, and was capturing and uploading data to VRM, but Remote Console was unavailable. Remote Console reported Enabled but Not Online. Remote Support reported Enabled but Offline. No changes had been made to settings in the GX.

Using Victron Connect on Windows and Android returned the same results. I could access the BMV-712 and MPPT 100/30, as well as access the VRM online portal, but the GX was reporting that Remote Console and Remote Support were offline.

I went onsite on 9/26 was able to access the GX via VictronConnect. I rebooted the GX. Operation returned to normal. I left the site on 9/28. I checked in remotely via VRM and Victron Connect on September 29 and October 1, and the console was working.

I checked the VRM portal again on October 2. While the portal reported “Realtime, Status Ok”, the Remote Console was no longer accessible.

I searched for similar issues on the Victron community site but was unable to find a similar problem. Since I did not plan to return to the site for some weeks and could not assist in troubleshooting I shelved the issue for the time being.

I did not check the system again until 10/19. With no known changes to the system, the Remote Console was accessible again.

Unfortunately, when I checked the system again on October 24, the portal reported “Realtime, Status Ok”, and the Remote Console was no longer accessible.

I searched the VRM data for the period 9/29 through October 2, seeking an anomaly that might have been repeated in the period 10/19 through 10/24. On 10/2 at 10:00 AM the Multiplus went from Storage into Absorption mode for approximately 1 hour. The same occurred 10/23 at 10:00 AM. I could not find any suspect parameters. I would have suspected a connectivity issue, but there are no gaps in the data, which is set to collect every 15 minutes. The GX is connected to a MiFi hotspot via wireless. The realtime data has always been available, regardless of the Remote console status.

Reviewing the entire dataset, there are several events (October 2, 9, 13, 16 and 23) where VE.Bus System [261] Current (A) drops to zero or -1.4A. VE.Bus System [261] Active Input shows disconnected only on October 13.

While somewhat anomalous, I can’t say the data is showing me anything actionable.

Venus GX - VGXremote console
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Hi Mike, thanks for reporting this. I've asked a colleague to reach out to you by email and look into whats causing this. Best regards, Matthijs

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